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Garage Door Repair North Vancouver

Garage Door Springs Repair

There are some rules when it comes to garage door springs. When you buy new ones, you must get the right size and type. When they are replaced, their tension must be released with attention for the avoidance of accidents. It’s always best to replace them before they break because they can cause serious accidents to people standing around. This is our recommendation at North Vancouver Garage Door Repair although we can replace broken springs in a timely manner. You can trust the replacement and all repair spring services to our team. We travel with the right spring tools, cover needs quickly, and offer full garage door springs repair North Vancouver services, ranging from adjustments to lubrication.Garage Door Springs Repair North Vancouver

Want extension springs replacement? Call our team

If you want extension or torsion garage door spring repair in the North Vancouver area in British Columbia, ask our help. Don’t attempt fixing or replacing springs alone to avoid accidents. We offer:

  • Garage door spring replacement
  • Broken pulleys replacement
  • Safety cables installation
  • Emergency broken spring repair
  • Torsion parts replacement, including the shaft, cones and bearings
  • Lubrication of coils
  • Springs adjustment

All spring services are necessary. As long as you keep your torsion or extension springs, it’s best to maintain them. We can lubricate them and make adjustments in order to allow them to balance the door right. Their job is to counterbalance the door before they lift it. If they are not tensed enough, they won’t open the door evenly or at the right pace.

Although we offer same day torsion spring repair and can fix any problem with the extension spring system, we recommend their replacement just before their lifespan is completed. This cannot be estimated with precision. But springs wear over time and our techs will be able to tell you when it’s the best time to replace them. In the meantime, we can take care of the coils to keep them flexible and do whichever garage door springs repair in North Vancouver required for them to function safely and properly. Call us if you need spring repair services in North Vancouver!

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